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Name:Citadel Mods

The Citadel

Welcome to the Citadel, where all your dreams come true...

Do not make the mistake of thinking that this means life in the Citadel is always perfect... or even pleasant. The Citadel, and the spells that sustain it, thinks first of its mistress. If, through you, she can see something of her dreams realized the city will bend you to her whims. Perhaps your own dream may serve to entertain the princess, locked away from you her precious residents in the crystalline tower floating high above the city. Perhaps in this twilight city nestled in the clouds you can find the means to realize your own dreams... but only if the raw magic that forms the very stones you stand upon thinks that doing so would please its mistress.

It is an inconsistent city where each stone is formed of fantasies, each drop of water another reverie, each person merely playing a role in a city molded from the fabric of dreams themselves.

You are but an extra in a desperate dream that began long ago... and so long as the dreamer slumbers here you shall remain.

The Citadel is a Panfandom RPG set in a realm where dreams have been given form, limited only by the character’s own imaginations. A floating city in the seeming peace of a tranquil cloudbank, it can be anything but.


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